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Announcing Affirm’s +82 Net Promoter Score

by Affirm · August 17, 2017

We are proud to announce that Affirm’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has reached +82. We believe that number is critical for us to be sure that we are delivering on our mission of providing consumers with honest, transparent financing.

AFFIRMation 2017 Roundup & Highlights

by Len Eschweiler · July 27, 2017

Our first ever AFFIRMation has already come and gone but I’m left with all that was shared, discuss, and learned during the event. It was exciting to see so many of our retail partners in one place alongside industry thought leaders and Affirm employees. It was truly an enlightening couple of days and I, for […]

Consumers Are Speaking Out but Are Retailers Listening?

by Affirm · May 16, 2017

Retailers reducing their physical footprint is common in today’s market as more and more consumers are shifting their purchasing habits from in-store to online. Despite the clear shift in consumer preferences, traditional retailers have struggled to adapt their business models accordingly.

6 Ways Retailers Can Beat the Amazon Effect

by Affirm · May 11, 2017

Despite, or because of, its already significant foothold, the e-tail giant continues to usurp market share from its peers, both large and small. The phenomenon has become so widespread that, like a hurricane, it’s been given a name: the Amazon Effect.

4 Reasons Mobile will Drive E-Commerce

by Martin Malloy · May 2, 2017

It’s not news that mobile commerce needs to be top-of-mind for online retailers. Mobile accounts for more than half (55 percent) of the traffic to online retailers’ sites. On top of that, more than a third of sales (36 percent) were transacted via mobile devices. Mobile commerce is critical simply because it now drives the […]

Announcing Affirm’s 1 Millionth Installment Loan

by Affirm · April 12, 2017

April 12, 2017: Affirm issued its 1 millionth consumer installment loan. In contrast to traditional revolving credit products, where hefty fees come hidden in the fine print, and compounding interest can quickly cause a consumer’s finances to spiral out of control, Affirm lets shoppers pay for purchases over time with simple-interest loans that are free of any penalty […]

Discounters’ Dilemma

by Affirm · February 15, 2017

People are shopping online because of its inherent convenience, but research shows it’s also easier to find better prices. As you work to build a desirable brand with loyal, long-term shoppers, how do you attract and convert customers without cheapening your brand identity?

These 3 Retail Trends Will Shape Your 2017 Profitability

by Affirm · January 12, 2017

2017 will be a year to focus on execution and planning, simultaneously. Start this year off on the right foot by seizing every opportunity for growth and retention. Understand how to stand out from the competition and create long-standing relationships with new consumers.

2016 Holiday Shopping Report: Point-of-Sale Financing Drives Results

by Affirm · December 9, 2016

Black Friday—followed closely by Cyber Monday—signals the start of the holiday shopping season, a critical time for retailers accounting for 30-40% of all annual retail sales. Check out our full Holiday Shopping Report to find out how point-of-sale financing drove results for Affirm retailers this holiday season.

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