0% APR Expands Customer Base, Lifts AOVs and Conversion Rates

No one can dispute customers’ universal attraction to price cuts. Retailers of every size and industry know that customers will gravitate to a well-planned sale. Time-limited deals and special spending events like Black Friday are proven to attract new customers and drive higher spend. But discounting, while great at boosting short-term volume, can dilute your brand equity and weaken your products’ value in the marketplace.


0% APR financing is a powerful alternative that allows you to attract customers without cutting prices. It can be less expensive than pure discounting, and it protects price integrity while allowing you to book full retail revenue. Best of all, the results are more impressive than you might think!


Drive Meaningful Growth

When you empower your customers to spread out their payments on larger-ticket items or higher-volume sales—especially without accruing interest—they spend more freely and buy sooner, lifting conversion and AOVs. One of our furniture retailers saw conversion rates jump from 45% to 71% after a 0% APR financing promotion. Customers are thrilled to be able to afford the items they want today, and of course satisfied customers return to purchase again. Additionally, super-prime and prime credit customers understand the intrinsic value of 0% APR financing, and they organically tend toward higher AOVs.


Attract Millennials

One reason 0% financing works so well is that it attracts a larger pool of new customers from diverse credit backgrounds. The highly desirable but elusive millennial customer seeks to grow their credit profile yet shuns traditional financing products, which they see as opaque. They want greater control over their purchasing decisions and crave the benefits of credit, yet fear adding the unpredictable compounding interest and hidden fees of credit cards to their already burdensome student loan debt.

In addition to millennials and those without established credit, people with less-than-optimal credit ratings are looking for increased purchasing power and ways to improve their credit score. Affirm‘s cutting-edge underwriting allows us to approve more people than traditional FICO-based financing—so more of your customers can have access to budget-friendly payment options.

Build Customer Satisfaction

Once customers discover Affirm’s simple, fast, and transparent financing options, they return as loyal customers to reward our retail partners with repeat purchases. Affirm boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +70.

Make the Most of Affirm for Your Business

Retailers who partner with Affirm enjoy the ability to customize their consumer financing options with our Multiple Financing Programs (MFP) module. MFP allows you to tailor financing-based promotions at the level of individual products, categories of inventory, and shopping cart types. As an Affirm retail partner, you have the ability to drive volume and customer interest how and where you want.

Let’s discuss how Affirm’s 0% financing and Multiple Financing Programs can grow your business. If you already partner with Affirm, reach out to your Merchant Success Manager, or email [email protected]. If you’re new to Affirm and would like to learn more, please email [email protected].