Convert Shoppers by Retargeting With Affirm


As we venture into the world of “B2Me” e-commerce, retail marketers need proven strategies that not only convince but also enable customers to complete their purchases.

Personalized financing in your follow-up emails and retargeting ads can provide powerfully compelling messages, like Don’t miss out…pay as little as $X a month! A fashion retailer that leveraged Affirm‘s pay over time and as low as $X messaging saw double the click-throughs of other retargeting efforts. An electronics retailer told us that leveraging Affirm in their retargeting moved up time-to-purchase by 3–6 months.

Promoting the value of pay-over-time financing in your retargeting has a remarkable impact on conversion because it directly addresses the key concern holding customers back from purchasing: “How can I comfortably afford this?” Most customers—and in particular millennials—abandon purchases due to concern over affordability, and traditional payment options like credit cards do little to allay their hesitation. According to the Fed, the percentage of Americans under 35 who have credit card debt has fallen to its lowest level since 1989, serving as further evidence that millennials are not interested in becoming indebted in the way their parents have.

Consumers are seeking payment solutions that are on their side, without gimmicks and hidden fees. Affirm addresses this need by providing an easy and transparent way to pay over time. Our tools have been shown to lift conversion rates by as much as 25% and increase average order values by more than 80%.


It’s an Ever-Changing Landscape–Build Your Toolbox and Flex Your Marketing

With the emergence of tools like Google’s Customer Match and Bing’s audience-driven ad technology, the possibility to personalize your marketing—both on your own site and elsewhere—has greatly expanded. However, as more people employ ad blockers, you need more than personalization to drive click-backs and convince consumers to complete their purchases.

Shopping on mobile devices is now commonplace, but holding someone’s attention long enough to complete a purchase can be daunting. Now, near-field communication lets you set up a digital billboard, which can entice customers to purchase by offering Affirm as a financing option on the items they’ve just viewed on their phone.

Artificial-intelligence-generated content, another rapidly growing trend, leverages your customer data to tailor your website copy, off-site ads, and email messages to each individual customer. Augmenting your customer data with information on expanded payment options such as Affirm  provides an additional lever and makes your marketing even more effective.

By combining these new tools with Affirm’s Multiple Financing Programs (MFP), you can create a shopping experience uniquely tailored to each individual customer. MFP allows you to tie financing options to individual products, product categories, and cart types, so you can use the customer data you’ve gathered to offer the most attractive and customer-friendly payment options possible.

Expand Your Brand

Creative marketers are learning to use payment methods as a marketing tool throughout the shopping experience. A transparent financing solution like Affirm can go even further by playing an integral role in communicating your brand values.

Once customers experience the benefits of Affirm’s easy and transparent monthly payments—which they view as a valuable incentive offered by you, the retailer—they return as loyal customers who appreciate the easy payments you offer, driving up repeat purchases.  Affirm has earned an incredible 70% Net Promoter Score (NPS), meaning that when brands partner with Affirm, customer loyalty may increase and everybody wins.

Let’s discuss how you can integrate Affirm’s consumer financing solutions into your retargeting efforts. Request a demo with your merchant success manager, or email [email protected].  If you’re new to Affirm and would like to learn more, please email [email protected].