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Betabrand Boosts Revenue With Affirm

by Kirsten Read · November 1, 2016

Just two weeks after Betabrand began offering Affirm financing on its site, it saw some incredible results. Average order value was 35% higher among those who checked out with Affirm versus those who didn’t. The Betabrand team believed that offering a friendly financing solution like Affirm would foster a better relationship with their customers and […]

Republic Wireless Finds Success With Affirm

by Martin Malloy · October 31, 2016

Republic Wireless is a pioneering wireless carrier based in Raleigh, North Carolina. A WiFi-first approach to mobile enables them to offer unlimited talk, text, and data plans from as low as $15/mo. Thanks to this unique approach, Republic was selected as one of the top three wireless carriers by PC Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards in […]

Tires Easy: Affirm Is the Financing Partner We’ve Long Been Searching for

by George Bohorquez · October 30, 2016

Here at Tires-Easy, we’ve been supplying quality tires directly through our website since 2004, so we’ve learned how to address our customers’ key needs. Many people who buy on Tires-Easy lack access to an affordable selection of tires because they live in rural areas, which don’t have the selection or competition that drive down prices […]

Wayfair Partners with Affirm to Empower Consumers

by Pat Suh · October 27, 2016

Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online retailers of home furnishings and décor, has expanded consumer financing options for its 7 million+ products from over 7,000 suppliers, by integrating with Affirm’s powerful program.

Q&A With Jonas Cooper, Chief Technology Officer at Lethal Performance

by Affirm · October 26, 2016

What is Lethal Performance? We specialize in performance-enhancement parts and packages for newer muscle cars, including late-model Mustangs like the SVT GT500 and SVT Terminator Cobra, and EcoBoosts like the Focus ST and Fiesta ST.

Giant Reaches More Cyclists with Flexible Financing

by Kirsten Read · October 17, 2016

Giant, the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, was founded to bring the joy of cycling to people around the world. And now, by offering Affirm’s pay-over-time financing, Giant is making cycling accessible to even more people.

Convert Shoppers by Retargeting With Affirm

by Pat Suh · September 30, 2016

As we venture into the world of “B2Me” e-commerce, retail marketers need proven strategies that not only convince but also enable customers to complete their purchases.

Better Marketing with Flexible Financing Programs

by Pat Suh · September 29, 2016

E-commerce retailers work hard to leverage the potential of their online platforms. That’s why Affirm developed a tool that expands e-commerce flexibility and supercharges the online shopping experience.

0% APR Expands Customer Base, Lifts AOVs and Conversion Rates

by Pat Suh · September 28, 2016

No one can dispute customers’ universal attraction to price cuts. Retailers of every size and industry know that customers will gravitate to a well-planned sale. Time-limited deals and special spending events like Black Friday are proven to attract new customers and drive higher spend. But discounting, while great at boosting short-term volume, can dilute your […]

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