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Peloton: Pay Over Time Offer Leads to Lift in Sales Conversions

by Ben Feldman · May 11, 2016

Peloton manufactures and sells Internet-connected indoor bikes that allow you to stream live and on-demand group fitness classes like the ones at high-end indoor cycling studios or gyms – but in the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

Women’s Wear Daily: Drive Incremental Value with Affirm

by Maghan McDowell · April 12, 2016

The concept of buy-now-pay-later isn’t new to retail, but a San Francisco company is giving it new meaning.

How Retailers Can Earn Buzz from Millennial Shoppers

by Ben Feldman · April 5, 2016

Not only are Millennials becoming the most important shopping demographic, but they have much different ideas and preferences than previous generations. How do some brands generate a surprising amount of buzz from this unique demographic while others are ignored?

Why Joybird Just Launched a Content Hub to Supercharge their E-Commerce Marketing

by Ed Lin · March 25, 2016

Affirm partner Joybird, a premier retailer manufacturing customized, handcrafted furniture, recently made a big commitment by investing in building a content hub and blog for their customers. In this article, we explore their decision to do so and explain why many other merchants will likely follow in their footsteps.

Crown & Caliber Sales Soar By Offering Installments

by Ben Feldman · March 21, 2016

Crown & Caliber is one of the leading online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of certified pre-owned luxury watches. It’s a huge market, growing about $7 billion annually, according to former private equity investor and Crown & Caliber CEO, Hamilton Powell. The company itself has grown from a staff of two to 44 in less […]

Jomashop: Boosting Revenue By Addressing Customers’ Needs

by Ben Feldman · March 20, 2016

Jomashop has been in the retail and wholesale trade of luxury goods, including high-end watches, fine writing instruments, handbags, fashion accessories, crystal, and gift items for nearly 30 years.

Payments are a Powerful Marketing Tool You Can’t Afford to Ignore (Part 2)

by Ben Feldman · March 7, 2016

This is the second article in a three-part series on how merchants can use payments as a key product differentiator in their marketing to help boost sales. If you’ve missed the first part, where we discuss email, social media, and PR marketing, you can check it out here.

5 Things to Know to Convert Your Millennial Shoppers

by Claire Murdough · February 27, 2016

You’d think that being a Millennial would make me a natural expert on Millennial shopping trends, but let me tell you: I’m continually surprised by my peers. Millennials are a savvy bunch, accustomed to evaluating, challenging, and advancing the status quo.

Should Online Retailers be Concerned About Webrooming?

by Ben Feldman · February 26, 2016

Webrooming, the practice of buying a product in-store after researching it online, has gotten a lot of press lately. Some online retailers are worried about the possible negative impact of this trend, but for the prepared retailer, there is nothing to worry about. This article discusses how webrooming affects retailers and how online merchants can […]

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